A great team is what makes it all possible.

Hailing from Tolyatti, Russia, Slavala funded his immigration to the United States via his work within a propaganda troll factory. Once here, he eschewed his previous ways to bring his dream to the engineering masses. Jave was born one night after a handle of bath lotion containing methanol.

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As a young horse raised in the North Easter, Chedder was obsessed with computers. He taught himself how to type before puberty. Slavala brought him the early concept of Jave, and he latched on like a stallion on sugar cubes, and brought to life this dream of engineering. He does not show himself in the Jave office often - as he is self conscious about his appearance amongst non-horse-folk.

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Hailing from Mammoth Mountain, born and raised, Nafta learned how to hold his brath under snow for up to 6 minutes at a time. Favorite language is Jave.

Bruce Chase first became famous when defended a government website against a hackers defacement, subsequently facing his own hacking charges for the unauthorized entry - whether noble or not. Since then he has become well known for his touring act White Hacker, and has settled down to bring his talent in information security to make Jave more secure.

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Cattarine originally joined the Jave team as a Chinese national seeking to steal corporate secrets and write in backdoor malware. Once inside the team, she was so moved by Jave's mission she confessed and renounced her motives - joining the team for real. She is also a Woman because Jave is diverse.

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Rosaby came to Jave from a location she refuses to disclose. Her presence has improved morale through the controlled use of sleep deprivation and subtle psychological horror. Her favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada.

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The latest addition to the Jave team, JoJo launched into action on our Open Source front, quickly securing a spot as a trusted contributor to our dream.

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Anatoli joined the company against recommendation because her husband is the CEO and she didn't have to interview. But she quickly made herself useful delivering advertisements in line with Jave compilation and command line infrastructure.

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